Cassolada the planet in the Sea of ​​Fraud

On Friday 15 March, in sync with the demonstrations organized throughout the European Union to show concern about climate change, students and teachers of our school demonstrated a cassolada the planet's playtime. This action seeks to criticize the model of production and consumption which is immersed in society today and intends to reflect our governments about a possible change of direction.

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Result image of Europe
The welcome families Sea Fraud,

Our school is participating for two years in a project ERASMUS environmental nature. We are in the final stages and will soon be a meeting in Brussels·where students from the countries participating in the project will present the conclusions of the work done over the past two years, formal requests have been published on the platform CHANGE.ORG.

For our project it is important to collect the maximum possible signatures and that you spread on your social network to promote this initiative and there is more among the people pray.
So we send our (Catalan and English) like the other participants (English)


Erasmus Commission