Below is information regarding registration for the course 2013-14:

1st newcomers

  • Data: the 10 to the 14 June
  • Timetable: from 9.00 a 12.00 i dimecres of 16.00 a 17.30

2nd newcomers, 3r i 4t

  • Data: the 25 to the 27 June
  • Timetable: from 9.00 a 12.00 i dimecres of 16.00 a 17.30

2nd Student Center, 3r, 4t 1 and repeaters

  • Data: the 17 to the 21 in June
  • Timetable: from 9.00 a 12.00 i dimecres of 16.00 a 17.30

The documents you need to bring secretariat are listed below (link). You can print them or pick the center

If print, to avoid printing errors, you must first download documents to your computer and open it with WORD.

Type enrollment of students
Document Type WE al center(1r new additions to other secondary courses) Are currently students at the school
1- Relationship Documentation

SiNo Stretcher
2- Full matrícula And And
3- Choose option religion / alternative And And
4- Authorisation image rights and departures walk And And
5- Optional 4th ESO (only for students in 4th) And And
6- Material common to all areas And And
7- Educational material for schools each year (Books)

And And
8- Documents AMPA books and Reuse



You can try this one link

And And


La Barcada, Block Project Research 4th ESO


Un any més, we are updating the blog Project Research 4th ESO La Barcada.

The professores Llurba Julia and Isabel Castro are finishing with all the information that will be useful during the development of the work. Its purpose is to serve as a reference for all students of the course.

You can check the first information on the menu “Projects” or by clicking on the link below:

Photo Contest: bioimatges 2012-13

The Department of Natural Sciences The INS's Sea of ​​Fraud invites you to:

3editing photo contest IES The Sea of ​​Fraud

Bioimatges 2012-2013(Sant Jordi)

· It holds on a stud·time as the announcement made by the Commission of Biologists teachers Collector·Biologists Association of Catalonia, (, You can also send in your photos. Come inside to see the winners of previous editions.
· TOPIC: The Biology (bioimatges)
· Categories:
· Students in 1st and 2nd ESO
· Students in 3rd and 4th ESO BAT
Each student can compete with two photographs taken by students
· Formats pictures:
· Must be submitted in digital format with a minimum resolution of 300 pixels per inch minimum size A4 (>= 4 Mpixels)
How to submit?
· Before the 12 April should send an email with the mail subject "contest bioimatges 2011-2012" and of course the student:
· Attach to mail:
§ Photography imprimida be prepared in A4 without its title and author's name on it
§ File photo duly completed