Dear families and students,
The dates for enrolling in the PAUs have already come out. It will be from 15 May 15 June. It will be done through the university access website:
The access keys are the ones you used for pre-registration.
Please, lMPORTANT:
– Payment of fees must be made electronically. In the event of an incident, you can print the registration form and, using the barcode on the sheet, pay from a Caixabank ATM.- You will need to check, obligatorily, before the 16 July, that your tuition fee has been deducted. If the payment is not made correctly they will not be examined.- The payment of the PAU registration for the ordinary call is exclusively for this call. If you want to enroll in the September call you will need to re-enroll and re-pay the fees.- Students who pre-enrolled in choosing more than one of the common electives ( Latin, maths, mathematics applied to the social sciences) you will be able to exchange them, from general phase to specific phase and vice versa.- We'll let you know about your court assignment later.
If you have any questions, send an email to