Attached is information about funding for extracurricular activities during 2014-15.

The purpose of this grant is favoring participation in extracurricular activities of the students who is in a disadvantaged socio-economic situation and is enrolled in schools supported with public funds Cambrils.

To be eligible for these grants individuals who can demonstrate compliance with the following requirements:

• Studying the second cycle of compulsory education in kindergarten or a school Cambrils supported with public funds during the year 2014/2015.

• Be enrolled in extracurricular activities organized by the AMPA schools.

• The parents and / or guardians of the students up to date in meeting tax obligations with government, the Treasury and obligations to Social Security.

• The single income families·seeks aid does not exceed 7.967,73 € per year per member of the family unit, for the year 2013.

• That the amount of the assessed value of all real property in any category in which they hold the members of the family unit, not exceed 66.245,00 €.

• All members of the household of the sun·applicant be registered in the municipality of Cambrils.

• Do not receive funding from other municipal departments, or other public bodies for the same concept.

Agency calling: City of Cambrils

Maximum amount of aid: 150,00 € and in no case exceed the amount the student has to pay for the activity.

Application deadline: the 19 May 20 June 2014

Place of presentation: Offices OAC (City of Cambrils)

Documents to attach:

• Model de sol·standardized form with all data / the sun·Applicant. CLICK HERE

Personal documents:

• DAYS, NIE or passport for all members of the family (seems i / o high, o tutor/s legal/s i germans)

Financial documentation:

• Statement of income of the family members from 16 years, year 2013.

If no declaration has been made income 2013, the following documents:

• Life occupational updated members of the household from 16 years old.

• photocopy of payrolls from January to December 2013 (including bonuses) del members

household from 16 years old.

• Photocopy of certificate of unemployment, subsidy or active insertion income, or indicating that any of the teacher has not been

Members of the family from 16 years, or stating the total amount received by way of provision /

unemployment benefits from January to December 2013.

• In case of self-employed:

• Settlements quarterly 2013 or the Bulletin of Social Security contributions.

• income statement of responsibility that has (in all cases)

• In perceive pension, disability or widowhood, non-contributory pension for retirement or disability, certificate issued by the INSS or ICASS.

• In case of separation and / or divorce, photocopy of the sentence and / or regulatory agreement on the economic impact conti.

If that does not happen pension established in the sentence and / or regulatory agreement, must bring a copy of the complaint that accredits.

Specific documentation

• Photocopy of certificate of degree of disability / card certifying disability.

• Copy of license parent family (force at the time of submitting the application·Application)

• Photocopy of individual cards Large Family (valid at the time of submitting the application·Application)

• In the case of children in foster care photocopy a court or the Directorate General of childcare.





El Consell Comarcal del Baix Camp concedirà ajuts individuals de desplaçament per a alumnes de centres escolars d’Ensenyament infantil i primària i d’ESO per al curs 2013/2014, sempre que sigui possible d’acord amb les isponibilitats pressupostàries que resultin de l’aplicació del conveni signat amb el Departament d’Ensenyament de la Generalitat de Catalunya.

Els ajuts que es concedeixin seran incompatibles amb qualsevol altre ajut provinent d’una altra administració no municipal o organisme públic o privat, que s’obtingui pel mateix concepte.

Per a llegir la informació completa cliqueu aquí.

Per a descarregar la sol·licitud per emplenar cliqueu aquí.