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De conformitat amb la clàusula 10 de l’anunci de licitació del contracte del servei de neteja del centre, l’obertura del sobre C (oferta econòmica i criteris d’adjudicació quantificables de forma automàtica, si n’hi ha) tindrà lloc:

Data: 01 DE DESEMBRE DE 2017

Hora: 9,00 h


Cambrils, 28 of November 2017

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Anunci de licitació

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Servei de Menjador

The company offers Mediterranean Meals in Schools lunch, with the aim of achieving a good performance, quality and proximity to users and families.


The dining service ensures a balanced diet that promotes growth in children. Achieving habits and attitudes is essential for personal development. This time should focus on fellowship, i respect the tolerance. We make special emphasis on eating habits, higiene of the de comportament.

To enjoy the service dipositar essential to the menjador Bustia, located at the main entrance of the center, Daily ticket or proof of monthly payments to be made between 1 and 5 curs the month.

When a child / a for some reason can not attend the dining room and the monthly payment has been made, should be advised to call the coordinator before 10:00 the matí. This will return the ticket daily. Si hem anat d’excursió, only in this case, The ticket can be used the following month. Otherwise the ticket will be used as.

Price and payment.

The price stipulated in this course 2012-2013 ed to 6,20 €.

The payment can be done in two ways:

  • At the center of the bar or with individual tickets received weekly, quinzenals or mensuals.
  • Monthly bank transfer to the bank La Caixa in no. account 2100-1421-17-0100763148. In apartat of CONCEPT transfer should write the child's name / ai course and class that performs.




Both payments will have to be deposited in the mailbox of the room with the child's name, curs the class, clearly specified, for better control lists. Otherwise we will not know who owns, és a dir, poseu not stop the nom, sea ​​or tutor.

For company-specific standards, if the menu is not paid before 11:00 hours, you can not use the dining service. Exceptuant casos justificats.

Two services are not allowed unpaid.

To have the school calendar school days each month to make the count in case of paying by bank transfer.

No operation Tasques:

  • If families wish to discuss any questions with Ester Martinez, the localitzar will be able to focus canteen.
  • Daily sums up the contents of the box and ready to pass control between father / mother / guardian, i menjador center, with the·efforts of a good organization is important.
  • Both authorizations for medicines supplied as output from the center before the schedule, Secretary must ask.
  • Students must contribute to maintain order using the spaces during the time they are made meals and cabbage·labor per mantenir-what.
  • For lunch the children who stay for lunch, a cop acabat Hagin, can go directly to the bar as the center will be closed.
  • Please remember that I can locate in the center bar from 9:00 hores fins 15:00 hours.

Porting Indicacions:

  • If you have any food intolerance or·lèrgia, must provide a full prescription.
  • On days when the child has stomach pain and need special diets (tova) must be endorsed on the back of the ticket or newspaper if you do make a monthly call to the coordinator.

Preus of the canteen:

Aigua_________________________________________________ 0,80 €

Sucs__________________________________________________ 1,10 €

Refrescos_____________________________________________ 1,30 €

Entrepans grans calents__________________________________ 2,00 €

Entrepans small calents_____________________________________ 1,00 €

Entrepans grans freds_______________________________________ 1,75 €

Entrepans small freds_______________________________________ 1,00 €

Pastes ___________________________________________________ 1,10 €

Contact Dades:

Ester Martinez Martinez.

Locate: Cantina Institut de 9:00 a 15:00 h.

Phone: 627078494

You can download the authorization here.